Bosch develops long range imaging system

Fairport, N.Y. - Bosch Security Systems, Inc. has announced the GVS1000 Long Range Imaging System, an integrated day/night, pan/tilt/zoom surveillance solution for critical security applications. The GVS1000 system provides full Detection, Classification, Recognition and Identification (DCRI) capabilities in total darkness, meeting the highest level of performance for nighttime surveillance.

With 3,280 feet (1 kilometer) of recognition-level imaging and 3,937 feet (1200 meters) of classification-level imaging, the GVS1000 delivers the details, such as clothing or letters, necessary for determining whether an object or person is friend or foe. This level of long-range imaging - nearly impossible to obtain with other nighttime surveillance technologies - is often required for critical applications, such as maritime monitoring, transportation surveillance and extended perimeter security.

The GVS1000 is equipped with advanced optics, including an IR-corrected, long range lens capable of 60x optical zoom. With a focal length of 12.5-750 mm or 25-1500 mm, the lens works in conjunction with the high performance Bosch Dinion sensor to produce ultra-high quality images at far distances in day and night conditions.

The GVS1000 uses two sets of active IR illuminators for both long and medium-to-short range nighttime imaging, eliminating the safety concerns commonly associated with laser-based infrared systems. Users can control IR illumination manually or can configure it to turn on and off automatically using a photocell.

A high precision pan and tilt motor and rugged all-weather design, including weatherproof housing and integrated wiper, ensure the GVS1000 is suitable for precise imaging in the most extreme weather environments. Users can operate the system with a single joystick keyboard controller for maximum simplicity.

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