BIO-key to unveil new mobile biometric identity platform for smartphones

Company to debut solution at Burton Group Catalyst Conference

"The BIO-key fingerprint biometric software protects user privacy while providing a convenient and significantly more secure alternative to passwords and tokens for a person remotely accessing an enterprise application. With the simple touch of a finger and without the need for other forms of identification, BIO-key's identification software can quickly search an enterprise database of authorized users to positively establish the identity of a remote user," added Dr. Ronald D. Black, Chairman and CEO, UPEK a leader in enterprise and consumer biometric fingerprint solutions.

"Smartphones provide enterprise users with further flexibility to access applications and information from virtually anywhere and at anytime;" commented Rob Baxter, CEO, Validity, Inc, a leading provider of convenient, secure and reliable fingerprint authentication solutions. "BIO-key's biometric enterprise identification platform ensures quick and secure identification of enterprise users from any device running on any platform without the inconvenience of typing passwords, and giving enterprises the reliability and security to include smartphones as part of their IT solution," he added.

The Burton Group Catalyst Conference, is a five-day, industry-shaping conference that explores cutting-edge ideas, current challenges as well as emerging technologies shaping today's and tomorrow's enterprise. This event is renowned for its attendee-driven agenda, high-profile speakers, in-depth content and fiercely independent point of view. On Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:30 PM, in the Oracle hospitality suite, BIO-key will demonstrate how a user can establish identity on the Oracle Identity Management platform over smartphones and laptops to gain access to data and applications.

Mr. DePasquale concluded, "For years our fingerprint biometric identity solutions have been running in retail, financial, healthcare, education and civil applications using laptops, tablets and desktops equipped with fingerprint readers to authenticate the identity of users. Now, with the proliferation of smartphones, BIO-key has a fast, secure and convenient identity and authentication solution for businesses that need to establish the identity of smartphone users before giving them access to applications and critical information."