Brownstone Security adds virtual guard tours to service lineup

(Redondo Beach, CA—June 29, 2009…) Brownstone Security is introducing virtual guard tours to its array of services on July 1, 2009. Virtual guard tours can remotely monitor many types of facilities, and the monitoring can be carried out in real time, 24 hours a day. These tours can be on a scheduled or random basis, and will help deter criminal activity and internal theft. This specialized service can be activated at any location around the world.

Vice President Victor Marks says, “We are very excited to introduce virtual guard tours to our list of services. I feel that by adding this option, we are really stepping forward into a new generation of security possibilities. Virtual guard tours are extremely successful and cost-effective, and I’m confident that our clientele will want to utilize this service immediately.”

Virtual Guard Tours are extremely cost-effective because there is no hourly rate for employing a guard to patrol the premises. Customers can save two thirds the cost of an onsite security officer, as well as increase the amount of property coverage and attention to site-specific alerts. Video security systems are a one-time capital expenditure, with a proven return on investment within the first two years.

Brownstone Security is able to view the virtual guard tours from a live location due to the high bandwidth of data transmission. The monitoring data is recorded, and clients are then able to identify threats, reduce employee theft, examine people moving to and from high-security areas, and reduce the risk of liability.