Bosch announces indoor dome camera

Fairport, N.Y. - Bosch Security Systems, Inc. announced today the expansion of its top-selling FlexiDome camera family with the introduction of the VDC-480 FlexiDome Indoor series. Featuring 15-bit digital video processing, the cameras offer excellent sensitivity for delivering sharp, detailed surveillance images and outstanding accuracy in color reproduction in applications with low or harsh lighting conditions.

In scenes with strong background illumination, the cameras' Smart Backlight Compensation (BLC) feature optimizes light levels for objects of interest. Important for foyers or other entrances, Smart BLC improves security by helping surveillance system operators identify individuals entering or exiting a facility - even when there is bright daylight outside the building. By automatically adjusting deep shadow areas, this technology enhances important details, such as facial features, without the need for user intervention.

In dimly lit interiors, the cameras use XF-dynamic to deliver an extended dynamic range for capturing details in both the highlight and lowlight areas of the scene simultaneously. NightSense automatically switches the camera to monochrome in fading light, and with SensUp, sensitivity is immediately adjusted to boost nighttime performance.

The camera's image-enhancing capabilities and polycarbonate enclosure make the FlexiDome Indoor series ideal for a range of interior locations, including stairwells, storage locations, warehouses, building entrances and reception areas. The series includes surface or flush-mount models with a choice of 3 - 9.5 mm, 3.7 - 12 mm, or 9 - 22 mm varifocal lenses.

With the new series, Bosch's FlexiDome line now includes cameras to cover every area of a customer's facility - indoors and out. Every FlexiDome camera is designed to deliver years of reliable operation and is easy to install and operate. Bosch's innovative Bilinx technology built in to the cameras allows for status verification, settings changes and firmware updates over the video cable from a laptop computer - reducing installation times.

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