Geutebruck introduces new video software

Geutebruck's new VCA4IP software package is a set of its tried-and-tested professional video content analysis algorithms for use in third party IP cameras with re_porter or GeViScope CCTV systems. Separate licenses are available for activity detection (AD), video motion detection (VMD) and Dual-Sensor functions.

Geutebruck's AD provides reliable movement detection with a very low false alarm rate for indoor and selected outdoor applications. Its VMD supports critical outdoor applications by differentiating between objects of different sizes, and between movements in different directions and at different speeds, while ignoring permitted movements and suppressing environmental influences. For exceptionally high accuracy and even fewer unwanted alarms, Geutebruck's Dual-Sensor uses video motion detection and object classification algorithms in parallel to generate alarms only when both sets of criteria are met.

VCA4IP has built-in diagnostics to report sabotage and prevent false reports, and it can process resolutions up to several megapixels. More information at