SightLogix to host February webcast

Princeton, NJ (February 10, 2010) - Automated outdoor surveillance with video analytics specifically designed for the outdoors can cost-effectively detect targets and security violations that would otherwise be missed. The technology is useful in a variety of perimeter and wide-area outdoor applications, including transportation, energy, utility, chemical, information technology, public safety, campuses, and defense industries.

SightLogix is presenting a Webcast on Thursday, February 18, 2010, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. PT; 11 a.m. MT; Noon CT, 6 p.m. GMT) to discuss how automated outdoor surveillance can improve security for large outdoor facilities and perimeters. Registration is at

This informative Webcast will include:

- The use of outdoor surveillance systems to detect, track and identify intrusions.

- Understanding the sources of nuisance alarms and how to prevent them.

- Boosting security efficiency - and lowering response times - with reliable intelligence.

- The value of obtaining precise location information about a target.

- The impact of camera range and detection accuracy on overall solution costs.
Registration is at

SightLogix is a supplier of automated outdoor surveillance camera systems that provide efficient, cost-effective security management of outdoor perimeters and buffer zones. SightLogix presents Webcasts periodically to educate the marketplace on the technology, and more are planned in the future. Use of SightLogix' long-range, intelligent cameras can reduce design, construction and installation costs by up to half compared to alternate approaches.

For more information on SightLogix perimeter security and outdoor surveillance solutions, call (609) 951-0008, email or visit