HTS to launch New high-speed license plate recognition system at InterTraffic 2010

Rishon LeZion, Israel, February 10, 2010 - Hi-Tech Solutions Ltd. (HTS), a developer and provider of optical character recognition (OCR) computer vision systems, today announced that it will launch a new all-in-one high-speed License Plate Recognition (LPR) system at InterTraffic 2010, to be held March 23-26 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is a new product in HTS's stand-alone LPR product line, a fully enclosed unit containing all the hardware and software required for a full LPR system package, requiring only a power supply. The new LPR system, C50, complements the low-speed C5 system, together covering the entire speed range of vehicles.

The C50 provides the capability of recognizing license plates of passing vehicles in traffic travelling at speeds up to 200 km/hour. The C50 is designed to be easily integrated into city-wide surveillance systems, free-flow toll road billing systems, or border crossings. The all-in-one enclosure will facilitate execution of mass-unit deployment, due to the elimination of local cabinets and servers at each camera location, thereby significantly reducing the project costs of mass-unit projects.

The new system can connect to a central server or client application with either HTS's SeeData networking application and via XML protocol messages and transmits them over a TCP/IP or wireless network. The system can be integrated with many back office applications and systems for billing, surveillance and enforcement as well a variety of other applications.

The C50 includes recognition image storage of multiple license plates. All of the LPR functions are automated within the system, including self triggering, illumination setting, image capture, license plate recognition, and comparison to a database.

The C50 is packaged in a weatherproof rugged outdoor enclosure and provides accurate recognition of the license plates numbers in all weather conditions, operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. It includes a mega pixel camera, in a dual or single recognition camera configuration. The basic system includes single IR or B&W camera with an integrated solid state illumination. The system is also available in stereo configuration, utilizing a second integrated illumination camera unit and/or an overview camera to record a color picture of the vehicle.

In addition, C50 has an optional embedded software-based, motion detection trigger (VMD) and recognition results output can be transmitted over wired or wireless network.

"C50 is a significant addition to HTS's sophisticated optical character recognition portfolio," said Meta Rotenberg, HTS's VP Business Development. "Due to the product's state-of-the-art design, architecture and functionality, it is a great contribution to law enforcement agencies and toll road companies."

The C50 system is based on an integrated Dual-Core Single Board Computer (SBC), which manages the unit, controls the recognition cycle and communicates with the network. The LPR system has embedded HTS recognition software included in the SBC, operating under Windows XP Pro. The typical configuration is one camera per lane, installed within the camera enclosure housing, thus reducing roadside equipment exposure and maintaining the integrity of system performance as well as hardware accessibility.

The C50 is effective for plate types worldwide as the HTS LPR engine has a proven track record in over 40 countries.

The system is easily configured and remotely monitored for accurate and reliable performance.

The C50 and C5 systems supplement HTS's PC-based and handheld based products: SeeLane - a low to medium speed LPR system that can handle up to 4 traffic lanes on a single standard PC system, SeeWay - a high-speed traffic multi-lane LPR system, and SeePDA - a comprehensive handheld system that includes a wide selection of peripherals and accessories.