Genetec releases new version of Omnicast

Montreal, Canada, January 5, 2011 – Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a provider of world-class IP security solutions, announces the release of Omnicast 4.7, the latest version of its advanced IP video surveillance solution. Omnicast 4.7 provides support for new hardware and includes cutting-edge product features like video trickling, simplification of unit enrolment, HTTPS support on selected cameras, Cross Line Detection support for Axis cameras, and the addition of four new languages.

With Omnicast 4.7, Genetec has added an array of new camera models to its list of supported hardware. Now fully compatible are the new Q1921 and Q1921-E IP thermal cameras from Axis, the latest H.264 cameras and the H.264 16-channel decoder from Bosch, and the latest HD and full HD H.264 cameras from Sony.

Also, with Omnicast 4.7, it is now possible to trickle video from edge devices. Video trickling leverages the recording capabilities of the edge devices (IP cameras and encoders) by providing the ability to choose and transfer the video from the edge on demand and store it in Omnicast for long-term archiving. This new feature allows for increased recording reliability, bandwidth usage optimization by only transferring video of interest at the right time, and the opportunity to lower costs of remote-site recording by going serverless.

HTTPS support is another enhancement in this latest version of Omnicast. HTTPS support increases security of the edge device communications by encrypting the commands and controls of the cameras. The support for HTTPS is available with all Axis cameras and encoders, fifth generation Sony cameras, and the Genetec extension when supported by the partner.

Omnicast’s unit enrolment process has also been simplified. It is now possible to search and enroll cameras by manufacturer name and add units into the system based on a specific IP address range so that multiple units can be added simultaneously, saving considerable time during setup.
Another addition to Omnicast is the support for Axis cameras’ Cross Line Detection feature .Customers can now monitor and handle cross line alarms within Omnicast, and search for cross line alarms directly from the Archive Player.

In order to enhance the user experience, Arabic, Persian, Thai and Russian languages have been added to Omnicast 4.7. The user interface has also been adjusted to read from right to left in both Arabic and Persian.

"Omnicast 4.7 is extremely feature-rich. With the addition of video trickling, Genetec has raised the bar in its level of integration with edge devices. The release of Omnicast 4.7 proves again just how committed Genetec is to constantly improving and evolving its product offering to meet the requirements of the industry," says Francis Lachance, Omnicast Product Manager at Genetec.