3M debuts new security laminate

St. Paul, MN - February 9, 2010 - 3M Security Systems introduces the 3M Color Floating Image Security Laminate, a new optically variable device (OVD) that offers a high level of overt and covert security. The heat activated laminate can be provided in various formats for use on secure documents such as ID cards, passports and drivers licenses, and will assist customers in enhancing their document authentication measures while helping to provide durable protection and enhance tamper evidence.

The Color Floating Image is a customized image that dramatically moves and appears to "float" above and sink below the surface of the document. The images can incorporate one- or two-color line art graphics, custom designed for each client.

Multiple interdependent layers of overt, covert and forensic security features are incorporated into the laminate to enhance document authentication and protection from counterfeiting. Overt features of the security laminate include its high transparency, matte finish, and silky surface feel, which allows for tactile verification of the document's authenticity. This combination of overt features allows authorities to quickly and easily verify documents without the use of special tools. Additionally, the laminate's high clarity allows visibility of print in the document.

Covert security features include a kinetic micro text which is embedded within the overt Color Floating Image feature and can be viewed under 10x magnification. A retro reflective feature is also embedded within the Color Floating Image feature and can be seen under a focused light source.

For an added layer of security, forensic analysis of the component materials can be performed. 3M offers a custom designed combination of these features to each client, and can provide covert and forensic features on a confidential basis.

"The Color Floating Image Security Laminate is an impressive step forward in OVDs," said Mathias Detjen, Business Manager, 3M Security Systems. "The sophisticated inter-layering of the overt and covert features helps to make documents more difficult to mimic, while still simple to verify in the field."

3M Security Systems began with security materials and, to the company's knowledge, after three decades, its technologies have not been successfully counterfeited. Through a strong commitment to research and development, 3M continues to lead the industry with proprietary solutions - security materials, software and high-security print and electronic technologies for secure document and product authentication. 3M's broad range of security materials, issuance systems, and authentication systems enables the company to offer its partners a complete secure document solution backed by 30 years of industry leadership.

For more information about the 3M Color Floating Image Security Laminate, visit www.3M.com/Security.