Codebench solutions join FIPS 201 approved products list

Austin, TX - atsec information security, an accredited laboratory for the GSA FIPS 201 Evaluation Program which runs a product approval program for PIV-related products destined for the U.S. Government market, is proud to announce the successful GSA FIPS 201 evaluation of four Codebench products. Codebench is the first company with solutions evaluated for GSA product categories "Caching Status Proxy," "PIV Authentication System," and "CHUID Authentication System."

Codebench's PIVCheck Plus Desktop Edition with PIVCheck Certificate Manager, PIVCheck Plus Mobile Edition with PIVCheck Certificate Manager and PIVCheck Desktop Edition (both the SCVP Client and PIV Authentication System) were tested and evaluated in atsec's Austin, TX lab.

As a result of its evaluation, atsec has determined that Codebench's products meet FIPS 201 requirements on behalf of GSA,who ultimately grants the approval. These products are now listed on the FIPS 201 Evaluation program Approved Product List, which only lists those products and services that are in compliance with the current version of the Standard and its supporting NIST Special Publication 800-116, which provides recommendations for the Use of PIV Credentials in Physical Access Control Systems (PACS).

"Codebench is currently the only company that has approved products in the "Caching Status Proxy," "PIV Authentication System," and "CHUID Authentication System"categories," said Geri Castaldo, chief executive officer of Codebench. "By completing the evaluation process with atsec information security, Codebench has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring its solutions meet government regulations and support NIST Special Publication 800-116 and HSPD-12."

"atsec succeeded to complete successfully three first-in-category evaluations for Codebench products," Apostol Vassilev, Laboratory Manager for atsec's CST lab. "In doing so, we are proud to join our client in a position of leadership in providing secure products with the appropriate level of tested assurance for these product categories as mandated by the GSA PIV Project Management Office."

The product entries are included on the GSA FIPS 201 Evaluation Program Approved Product List at