'Build-A-Bear' utilizes Trend Micro solution

CUPERTINO, Calif. , Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend Micro, a global leader in Internet content security, announced today that Build-A-Bear Workshop, a global retail business that offers an interactive make-your-own stuffed animal retail-entertainment experience, is using Trend Micro Enterprise Security for end-to-end protection from their corporate data center to each and every store.

With more than 400 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores worldwide containing 10 to 12 computers, 2 to 6 storybook computer stations, point of sale systems, and at least one server, Build-A-Bear Workshop has worked hard to build and maintain a robust, secure infrastructure.

"We take security very seriously, but our infrastructure also has to be usable," said Dave East , director - IT Network Services at Build-A-Bear Workshop. "At Build-A-Bear Workshop our security solution has to be low impact for both IT and users. That's why we selected Trend Micro as our security solution provider. The benefit of using Trend Micro is simple - it keeps our systems secure."

Trend Micro Enterprise Security is a tightly integrated offering of products, services, and solutions that minimize the time to protect organizations from content security risks. Powered by the company's Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro Enterprise Security delivers immediate protection that improves automatically - closing the window of vulnerability - and reduces complexity by reducing the time to acquire, deploy and manage enterprise security.

The IT team at Build-A-Bear Workshop uses Trend Micro NeatSuite Advanced, a Trend Micro Enterprise Security solution, for a fully integrated centrally managed multilayered solution along with Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Hosted Security for blocking spam, viruses and other email threats.

NeatSuite Advanced provides gateway-to-endpoint protection and is well suited to large, multi-site networks such as Build-A-Bear Workshop. As part of their NeatSuite Advanced license, the IT team protects endpoints with Trend Micro OfficeScan Client/Server Edition, the email servers with Trend Micro ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange, and protects the gateway with Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security Suite and Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Suite.

InterScan Messaging Security Suite integrates antivirus scanning with zero-day protection, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and content filtering to block inappropriate material, while InterScan Web Security Suite strengthens Build-A-Bear Workshop against Web threats with a combination of in-the-cloud protection and gateway defenses.

"With Web Reputation it blocks access to malicious Web sites. Trend Micro's Web threat protection gives us a full gamut of defenses - it identifies and blocks access to malicious Web sites, and heuristic scanning and filters block incoming threats at the gateway and the endpoint. Each piece of the solution fills a gap and we haven't had a major Web infection since adding this layer," said Dave East .