Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock Mosque implements Xtralis solution

InterSec Conference, Dubai, UAE, January 18, 2009 - Xtralis, a leading provider of intelligent fire detection and security solutions, today announced that its VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) system has been chosen to enhance fire safety at Dome of the Rock Mosque, one of the most visible holy sites in Jerusalem and the oldest remaining Muslim landmark in the world. The VESDA system will be deployed in conjunction with Xtralis partner Orientals Engineering based in Jordan. Built in 691 A.D., Dome of the Rock houses the stone Muslims believe to be the point from which the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. Surviving relatively unchanged for more than 13 centuries, Dome of the Rock stands 115 feet high and 65 feet in diameter and is clad in more than 175 pounds of gold foil.

"Dome of the Rock has stood the test of time for centuries, and it would be unthinkable to lose such a valuable piece of Muslim history to fire and smoke damage," said Mustafa Hamdan, general manager at Orientals. "The Xtralis VESDA solution can be unobtrusively deployed in the most sensitive and sacred areas to reliably detect the presence of smoke well in advance of a fire, making it the only choice to protect this revered Muslim holy site." VESDA ASD is the only early warning fire detection solution designed for use in environments with a zero tolerance for fire, such as historic buildings and landmarks, museums and critical infrastructure facilities. VESDA has been deployed successfully at important religious and historic sites around the world, including London’s National Gallery, Beijing’s Forbidden City, and Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace. VESDA provides the highest sensitivity detection in a wide array of environments – from coal mines to clean rooms and from airports to atriums – and is the No. 1 ASD brand recommended by fire professionals around the world.

The VESDA detector draws air samples through a multi-stage collection filter, using advanced laser technology to detect the presence of smoke at the earliest stage of a fire. This early detection provides ample time to locate the source of smoke long before a fire can erupt and cause damage. Additionally, VESDA’s unique ability to protect large, open areas with potentially high dilution of smoke makes it ideally suited for use in cultural and historic environments. Unlike unsightly conventional detectors, VESDA can be deployed unobtrusively to preserve aesthetic features and cultural integrity.

"We are honored that our VESDA solution has been selected to protect a building with such historical, religious and architectural significance as Dome of the Rock," said Samir Samhouri, president and CEO of Xtralis. "As the provider of choice for the world’s most important cultural landmarks, Xtralis is committed to the protection of environments with a zero tolerance for fire by providing the most reliable, advanced detection system on the market today."