Dr. Bob moves from Bosch Security to NICE Systems

Feb. 5, 2010 -- He's an industry icon and was an icon of Bosch's security products group, but now Dr. Bob Banerjee has joined NICE Systems' Security Group. NICE Systems announced this morning that Banerjee had been hired by NICE Systems to "educate, train and support NICE's extensive network of security system integrators and dealers, and provide thought leadership for NICE's security industry outreach efforts."

The "Dr." in Dr. Bob Banerjee (he's often called simply Dr. Bob by his colleagues) refers to his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the University of Bristol, England, but he has applied himself primarily inside the security industry for more than a decade, including the last six years at Bosch Security Systems.

Banerjee has been a strong voice in the industry, having authored a number of opinion columns on video surveillance trends, including ones for SecurityInfoWatch.com (see his Nov. 18, 2009 column, "Video Surveillance Reality Check, part 1").

Hiring an icon away one of their competitors (both NICE and Bosch produce video surveillance systems and video content analytics offerings) clearly wasn't the only draw for NICE. Chris Wooten, president of NICE Security Americas said that Banerjee's expertise and ability to provide training were the key factors.

"With players in the video surveillance market and technology evolving so rapidly, it's incumbent on us to educate integrators and end-users in the security eco-system to help them stay one step ahead," said Wooten. "We also need to continue to demonstrate thought leadership by highlighting key issues and challenges in security, and pragmatic solutions for dealing with those. Bob will help bring this focus to the NICE security team."