Schlage LiNK now available online

CARMEL, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Schlage, the most trusted brand of door locks, today announced that the first wireless-controlled and Z-Wave enabled door lock, Schlage LiNK, is now available for purchase through and Fusing home security and automation with mobile technology, Schlage LiNK deadbolts and locks provide homeowners the power to remotely control and monitor access to their home 24/7 with any web-enabled mobile phone or computer.

The Schlage LiNK deadbolts and locks provide keyless entry through 4-digit access codes that can be entered, activated, deleted or disabled on the lock's 11-digit push button keypad or via the Schlage LiNK web portal.

This solution gives homeowners the freedom of never having to carry or circulate multiple sets of keys, coupled with the ability to instantaneously grant access to family members, friends, unexpected house guests, and service providers such as handymen and housekeepers.

Via the Schlage LiNK online portal, homeowners can choose to receive text or e-mail notifications when specific user codes are entered on the lock’s keypad and track code activity over the past 90 days. These features deliver peace of mind to the parents of active families so they know exactly when people are entering their home. It also does away with the need to regularly replace locks for rental properties and second homes.

"Schlage LiNK deadbolts and locks give homeowners the control and peace of mind of always knowing that even if their home is not in sight, it's never out of reach," says Dwight Gibson, general manager, Intelligent Residential Security, for Ingersoll Rand, the parent company of Schlage. "Schlage has been the leading lock brand for the residential security market for more than 85 years and we are dedicated to continually developing product innovations that not only deliver first-rate security but also add convenience to our customers' busy lives."

Additional product attributes include:

  • Schlage LiNK locks are the first Z-Wave-enabled locks that work seamlessly with more than 300 other Z-Wave-enabled home automation devices including products ranging from lighting and temperature to pool and spa controls.
  • The Schlage LiNK web portal utilizes the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection used by the banking industry and the Z-Wave Bridge's RF signals are fully encrypted using AEC 128 bit encryption protocols.
  • Designed with plug and play simplicity, the wireless Z-Wave Bridge easily plugs into an Ethernet port on the home computer's Internet router and the light module plugs into any standard 3 prong electrical outlet.
  • Schlage LiNK locks are powered by standard AA and 9-volt batteries and typically install in less than 30 minutes with only a screwdriver.
  • The suggested manufacturer’s retail price of the Schlage LiNK Starter Kit is $299 and includes one Schlage LiNK deadbolt or lock, a wireless Z-Wave Bridge and a compatible light module. The suggested manufacturer’s retail price for additional Schlage LiNK deadbolts or locks is $199 each.
  • There is also a $12.99 monthly subscription fee for use of the Schlage LiNK online portal and mobile applications, which gives homeowner the power control all Schlage LiNK locks and a wide variety of Z-Wave enabled home automation devices.
  • Schlage LiNK deadbolts and locks can be used anywhere in the home a traditional lock is used and are available in bright brass, satin nickel and aged bronze, to complement any dĂ©cor.