Intellitactics introduces EnterpriseVue for ISM

Reston, VA, June 23, 2009— Intellitactics, a leading provider of appliances and software for enterprise security management, announced Intellitactics EnterpriseVue for ISM designed to increase effectiveness of enterprise security by providing a dynamic dashboard to increase access to security information. EnterpriseVue is a configurable display of graphical and tabular reports appropriate to multiple enterprise audiences: other IT operations functions, employees that benefit from awareness to security policy enforcement, executive management and internal auditors. EnterpriseVue is another application powered by the Intellitactics™ Security Data Warehouse (SDW). The Intellitactics SDW is a high performance, multi-dimensional data store that quickly retrieves raw logs, events and summarized detail for reports and is central to the performance of Intellitactics Security Manager (ISM) and the Intellitactics SIEM appliance Intellitactics SAFE.

Sunil Bhargava, Intellitactics Chief Technologist, comments on the dashboard for ISM, “Security Manager is routinely used by organizations that place strategic importance on information security. Increasing access to security information with an easy to understand dashboard is a best practice employed by the most successful organizations so we’re offering this feature to ISM customers.” Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow in the IT Security practice at Aberdeen Group, comments on the role of a portal or dashboard, “Use of a portal or dashboard as part of establishing a level of assurance is also highly correlated with Best-in-Class performance. Aberdeen’s research has shown that the companies with the best results are 9-times more likely to use a dashboard, such as EnterpriseVue, to provide detailed status and management results to internal clients and other IT functions.”

While the security team or security operations center is held accountable for the success or failure of security controls in preventing expensive data breaches, responsibility for securing critical data essential to business effectiveness belongs to everyone working in a company or government agency. Security awareness and training plays a critical role in developing a security aware organization. Using a dynamic dashboard to frequently report appropriate information to internal stakeholders can make a big difference.

“Training end users on behaviors they can watch out for amongst their peers and then reinforcing that training with frequent reporting may deter the activity of a malicious insider,” is an example offered by Jeff Vince, Director of Solution Services for Intellitactics. “We encourage the SOC to run reports that keep security front of mind. We also suggest they involve other IT functions like network operations, database managers, application managers and others by providing reports they can use to make decisions and take actions to comply with policies.”

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