Italian authorities deploy Federal Signal solution

UNIVERSITY PARK, Ill., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Countries around the world seek advanced technology-powered tools to protect communities and citizens from threats to homeland security. PYtraffic Srl, distributor of Federal Signal PIPS systems in Italy, has provided Sintel Italia S.p.A. with a network of Federal Signal SpikeHD automatic number/license plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR) cameras by PIPS. This deployment is part of a broader CCTV-based homeland security installation in the Campania and Calabria regions of southern Italy.

Emanuele Polizzi, a member of the Sintel Italia's technical staff, noted, "The cameras that are already in place are working well and capturing more number plates than expected. Federal Signal PIPS has produced a high quality product and delivered the cameras to us within a short time."

The Federal Signal SpikeHD camera provides single lane coverage, delivers a high degree of accuracy in plate reads and offers unparalleled ease of use and integration with larger homeland security and intelligent transportation systems. This Federal Signal ANPR network captures and reads the license plates of cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes and mopeds. The network then feeds license plate data to a central application, where the data is compared against known vehicles of interest. If a match is made, the system user will be notified as a 'hit' and the CCTV system will then track the vehicle.

Michael K. Wons, vice president and general manager of Federal Signal Corporation's Public Safety Systems Division, said, "The Federal Signal SpikeHD ANPR camera has already won a prominent place in several large scale homeland security and intelligent transportation projects such as this project with Sintel Italia. This is an exciting product with a very promising future to improve safety and security around the world."