Risk Control Strategies expands technical surveillance countermeasures

New York, NY – June 10, 2009: Risk Control Strategies (RCS) now offers Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services from their New York office providing seamless security solutions and positioning the firm as the leading resource in the TSCM field. RCS practice leaders have combined over two hundred years of technical investigative experience in sophisticated and complex communication compromise. They have conducted well over 4000 TSCM services for a wide array of government, corporate and private clients. With combined backgrounds in local, state and federal law enforcement, along with extensive experience working in today's corporate environment, RCS personnel provide a superiorly unique array of expertise in this complex and evolving field.

"Whether it be for corporate America or the affluent community, the need to secure proprietary communications has perhaps never been as critical as it is today amidst the current financial turbulence we are navigating through," said Chief Executive Officer of Risk Control Strategies, Dr. Paul Michael Viollis, Sr. "From corporate espionage to eavesdropping in estates, aircrafts and yachts, the heightened probability of risk to our NY area clients prompted our investment so as to ensure this critical service can be delivered more economically and expeditiously."

Over the last 20 years, RCS TSCM professionals have continually provided TSCM training to federal government agencies as well as to state and local law enforcement. The RCS staff consists of graduates from the US Government Interagency Training Center School on TSCM and from a majority of the private TSCM training academies. They continually attend annual training seminars to retain their cutting edge expertise.

RCS is one of the rare firms which combine a high level of expertise reinforced with the latest state-of-the-art equipment available. RCS maintains non disclosure agreements with one the largest manufacturers of TSCM equipment and is relied upon to conduct beta testing on new technologies years before equipment becomes commercially available.

Risk Control Strategies (RCS) is a leading Threat Management, Investigative and Security Consulting firm specializing in serving the affluent community, corporations and governmental agencies. RCS fuses proven expertise through the effectual utilization of a team of renowned former federal and state law enforcement professionals representing each industry related discipline. This, in concert with its preeminent technological inventory and service delivery provides its clients with true world leading deliverables. RCS is a privately held corporation headquartered in New York with offices in California, Florida and Nevada. For a more in-depth description of the RCS suite of services, visit their web site at www.riskcontrolstrategies.com.