TeleEye releases complete video management and recording platform

In the beginning of 2010, TeleEye announces the launch of a comprehensive platform for video management and recording - sureSIGHT Business, sitemap module and sureREC.

Integrated Video Management Solution - sureSIGHT Business

TeleEye sureSIGHT Video Management Solution is a comprehensive video management platform for the entire range of TeleEye video recording servers and network cameras. Its modular design allows customers to scale up existing systems and adds functional module sitemap for different applications. It is suitable for managing numerous cameras in large-scale operations or in multi-site deployment with its flexible configuration. It forms a complete video recording and management solution when partnered with sureREC video recording solution.


- Capable of displaying 64 live cameras and 16 event driven
cameras simultaneously
- Manage multi-site simultaneously
- Comprehensive event log
- Modular design and highly scalable
- Operator account system
- Fully compatible with all TeleEye RX, CX, MX & NX products
- Support NX/MX event associated cameras
- Patrol scheduler
- Drag and drop operation account
- Optional siteMAP module

Sitemap functional module for sureSIGHT Business – siteMAP (SMAP)

siteMAP is a sitemap module which can be added to sureSIGHT Business, to manage
numerous sites position cameras and verify alarms through multi-layer site map, floor plan and reference images.


- Interactive multi-layer hierarchy
- Manages sites and verifies alarms through multi-layer
site map
- Displays site, camera, alarm, preset locations
- Camera switching, telemetry control
- Indicates current event status

TeleEye Video Recording Solution – sureREC

TeleEye sureREC is a PC video recording solution specially designed for recording the
independent HD quality video stream of TeleEye MX HD cameras and SD video stream of TeleEye NX network cameras. sureREC can record up to 64 TeleEye MX or NX devices in one PC.


- No compromise on HD quality video recording and network viewing performance
- Independent HD quality recording stream
- Independent resolution and frame rate settings
- Recording HD quality video from up to 64 TeleEye MX devices on
one PC
- Maximum recording frame rate: 200fps at HD quality, 400fps at D1
and 1600fps at QVGA
- Supports standard data redundancy solution, e.g. RAID
- Supports TeleEye MX and NX Series