Bosch debuts new active sound technology

Bosch Security Systems’ new active line arrays combine unmatched sound quality with an evenly distributed sound pattern that covers ranges up to 50 meters.

In places such as railway stations, airports and places of worship, hard construction materials are often used which absorb very little sound, creating a reverberant environment. The new Vari-directional Array from Bosch overcomes this challenge, delivering unmatched acoustical performance in these difficult environments.

A key feature of the array is its digitally-controlled directivity, which ensures that sound is sent only where it’s needed to produce an optimal sound field with perfect speech intelligibility. The system’s electrical beam steering optimizes audience coverage without wasting output energy on ceilings or empty space above the audience.

Active line arrays offer many advantages such as large coverage and less installation effort. A drawback of today’s active line array designs, however, is that the configuration of the array is not straightforward and the generation of the perfect sound beam often needs to be done by trial and error. Bosch has addressed this issue in the intelligent configuration of its new Vari-directional Arrays. The Bosch configuration software uses a database of pre-programmed room settings to fit any acoustical environment. The installer just enters the room dimensions and requirements and the software does the rest. With this software, it is also possible to customize audio processing and set supervision parameters. The result is a quickly installed loudspeaker system with consistent, high-quality sound reproduction.

The loudspeakers are fully EVAC compliant, which means they conform to local and regional requirements and are the perfect fit for all voice-alarm applications. All the amplifier and loudspeaker components including the drivers are fully supervised, faults are logged and a 24 V DC backup power supply can be connected.

The modular-designed product range consists of a base unit and extension units that can be simply connected together. The configuration software, moreover, can automatically detect a connected extension unit to reduce configuration time. On its own, the base unit can cover up to 15 meters. Adding one extension provides coverage of up to 30 meters and adding two extensions provides longer coverage of up to 50 meters. A wide range of requirements can be met with just a few standard components, so there is less inventory, less hassle, and less expense.

With their sleek, unobtrusive design, the units look good in any environment and the easy-to-assemble modules can be used indoors and out. The arrays can be wall-mounted using mounting bracket supports that have 80° turn possibility, and the units have front amplifier cooling so flush-mounting in walls is also possible.

With the Vari-directional Array, Bosch Security Systems provides its customers with superior product performance combined with time-saving installation tools.