ADI to distribute Visonic products for Smith & Wesson Security Services

ADI, North America's leading wholesale distributor of security products, and Visonic Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of security technology, have teamed up to distribute products for the growing Smith & Wesson Security Services program.

Under a new agreement, all Visonic products designed for Smith & Wesson Security Services will now be available through ADI locations throughout the United States.

The products are available to Smith & Wesson Authorized Security Dealers immediately.

"The agreement between ADI and Visonic is great news for all Smith & Wesson Security Dealers, and a clear sign of the growing demand for our alarm systems," said Eric Wahrsager, Vice President Marketing & Development of Smith & Wesson Security Services, which is operated by NationWide Digital Monitoring Co. under license from Smith & Wesson Corp.
"Distributing Visonic's products through ADI 's national network enables our dealers to get these alarms systems into more homes and businesses around the country."

Smith & Wesson Security Services offers an extensive line of products developed by Visonic and other manufacturers, including alarm panels and a wide range of wireless devices, such as window and door contacts, glass-break sensors, motion detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors and more.

Distributing Visonic products through ADI will greatly increase the availability of these products to Smith & Wesson Security Dealers throughout the nation. Dealers will be able to access the product faster, increasing the speed of end-user installations.

"Thanks to our dealers, Smith & Wesson Security Services has been quickly spreading across the U.S. over the past year," said Wahrsager. "Now, with ADI and Visonic teaming up to get these products into the hands of our dealers even faster, we are able to further extend our reach to more families who seek the best security technology on the market."