Triad Biometrics partners with Utica College

UTICA, N.Y., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Triad Biometrics, manufacturer of Triad Enterprise Authentication and Migration System (TEAMS), has joined forces with the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection of Utica College (CIMIP) to assist in research-based projects dealing with fingerprint identification and identify theft.

CIMIP, the first research collaborative of its kind, is a partnership comprised of leading government, corporate and academic institutions. Founded in 2006, CIMIP is dedicated to the study of identity management, information sharing, data protection, and addressing the crimes of identity theft and identity fraud.

"Triad Biometrics can provide expertise to CIMIP in the area of comprehensive security software systems designed to ensure accurate identity authentication," said Donald Rebovich, Ph.D., executive director of CIMIP. "Triad Biometrics is known for the creation and testing of innovative methods of biometric authentication dedicated to successfully counteracting harmful hacking, spoofing and phishing attacks on information systems. As a CIMIP stakeholder, Triad Biometrics will be instrumental in the development of research ideas and initiatives aimed at enhancing capabilities to prevent identity fraud through improved strategies for effective information protection."

"A logical outgrowth of Utica College's suite of economic crime and criminal justice academic programs and its Economic Crime Institute, CIMIP seeks to provide resources for those who establish policy, regulation, and legislation. Through research and technical assistance applications, CIMIP and its stakeholders work toward a more secure personal and business environment, as well as a more secure homeland," Rebovich said. As the most recently added stakeholder, Triad Biometrics joins other stakeholders, including the United States Marshals Service, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and Syracuse University's CASE Center.

"We are very enthusiastic about joining CIMIP because it represents a much-needed platform in bringing together academia, government, and industry to craft coherent and advanced identity solutions for today's challenging world," said Scott Coby, CEO of Triad Biometrics LLC. "We believe that CIMIP will not only foster understanding and innovation, but also provide a valuable source for cutting-edge technology advancements."

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