NetChoice slams NRF and its organized retail crime survey

WASHINGTON, June 11 -- NetChoice executive director Steve DelBianco today issued the following statement regarding the National Retail Federation's release of its 2009 Organized Retail Crime survey.

"The NRF has long used this annual 'study' to claim that legislative action is needed to prevent theft loss from retailers. The reality is, the NRF is only interested in competition prevention, not loss prevention.

"Despite retailers' claims that theft is getting worse, nearly 6 in 10 retailers surveyed say they now spend less on loss prevention compared to last year. Yet while cutting spending on loss prevention, these same retailers doubled their spending on lobbying over the last three years, seeking new laws to restrict competition from online sellers.

"The NRF's study also confirms what has been known for some time -- that stolen goods are not found online any more than they appear on street corners, swap meets and pawn shops. In other words, the online world is neither causing nor increasing the age-old problem of retail theft.

"The Internet has enabled countless small businesses and created the opportunity for shoppers to find better deals and more choices than they can find at the big-box retail chains. The real agenda for the NRF and big-box retailers is to squash this competition and remove these cash-saving options for consumers."

NetChoice is a coalition of trade associations and e-Commerce businesses who share the goal of promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the Net. For years, NetChoice has been on the front lines of ecommerce policy battles, working to protect the entrepreneurial and consumer-empowering promise of the Internet. Members include the Association for Competitive Technology, the Electronic Retailing Association, eBay, IAC, NewsCorp, Yahoo, VeriSign, and AOL. More information about NetChoice can be found at