New Intransa VideoAppliances combine VMS with storage

Videoappliances cut cost and eliminate complexity for simple, high-performance surveillance

Intransa VideoAppliances are the first application-specific platforms to preload and host video management software from all five of the leading IP surveillance vendors, representing the majority of open VMS software used in the security industry. Each Intransa appliance hosts the customer's choice of VMS application, and delivers advanced, high performance recording and playback capacity. The appliances replace commodity servers and hardware for simplicity, cost reduction, improved reliability and energy savings.

Intransa VideoAppliances are simple to install and operate, without the complexity and ongoing support challenges of commodity hardware. Intransa's patented video optimization technology for surveillance requirements delivers lower costs, superior performance, and eliminates the risk of lost video.

For a new IP surveillance deployment, such as retail stores, installers set-up standard or megapixel IP cameras throughout the location as required and plug an Intransa VideoAppliance VA100 or VA200 into the camera network. Ready to go out of the box, the installer enters basic system information and the user license key for the selected video management software into the appliance before recording. There is no need to size, acquire, install, configure, test and integrate commodity servers and storage with the VMS system.

For existing CCTV environments a VA100 or VA200 can add the power of IP while extending the life and usefulness of DVRs. Intransa VideoAppliances can be used to increase DVR video retention capacity supporting maximum resolution and frame rate from attached analog cameras, while eliminating the risk of lost video that can plague CCTV. A retail store could continue to leverage existing DVR and analog cameras. However, by installing an Intransa VideoAppliance to upgrade the DVR's recording capacity, reliability and video quality, the retail store would be able to add new IP megapixel cameras to better monitor public areas, parking lots and cash registers.

Reducing Installation, Support Challenge and Surveillance Cost with Intransa VideoAppliance

Intransa's VideoAppliance VA100 and VA200 systems come preloaded with the customer's choice of industry-leading video management software. Users may select Exacq Technologies exacqVision, Genetec Omnicast, JDS Digital Security Systems Softsite32, Milestone Systems XProtect, or On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) NetDVMS.

"The Intransa VideoAppliance introduction is a major step toward simplicity in the delivery of best-in-breed IP surveillance based on our open platform XProtect video management software," said Eric Fullerton, chief sales and marketing officer for Milestone. "This is a great option for customers and integrators to consider and reduces support and integration challenges while resulting in lower total cost of deployment."

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