ESA debuts new logo

The much-anticipated ESA logo was unveiled during the ESA Update meeting on Wednesday, January 13. Dave Simon, chairman of the Public Relations Committee, presented the logo with these remarks: “This is an exciting time in our history – we’re moving forward, incorporating the technology of the future into our association. With that came our name change in 2009 and now, ladies and gentlemen, let me present… the new logo.”

After a dramatic video presentation, Dave gave the rationale behind the logo: “This logo was designed to represent our evolving security industry. The shape evokes two light shields radiating protection and energy. They represent ESA’s duty and mission to proactively protect its members and the environment in which they conduct business with the ultimate mission of enhancing public safety. The shields also create a unified formation just as the ESA is a force of unified companies who are the collective voice of the industry. The forward nature of our letterforms, symbolize our dedication to reaching beyond our present and looking always to the future. The colors represent authority, security and faithfulness which reflect the character of ESA.”

The new logo is available to members and chapters to use on company/chapter material and Web sites. To download the new logo, visit and click on the link below the new logo announcement.