TeleEye introduces the CX Series video recording server

The TeleEye CX Series is a range of simple-to-use yet features rich 4-, 8-, and 16-channel video recording servers suitable for small to medium sized surveillance applications.

No Compromise between Recording and Transmission

TeleEye CX Series is incorporated with proprietary SMAC-M multi-stream coder technology. Users can experience seamless video transmission and excellent DVD quality recording performance without compromise. TeleEye CX Series records 60% longer and transmits 50% faster than MPEG-4 systems.

Flexible Viewing Options

TeleEye CX Series is supported by its versatile range of video management software for video and alarm management. They include WX-M16 16-site monitoring software, CMS central monitoring station, M-303 mobile video monitoring and web browser monitoring. With such wide range of choices, TeleEye CX Series is definitely the perfect IP & mobile solutions for different kinds of industries.

Mobile and Portable Video Surveillance

With TeleEye M-303 mobile video monitoring software, users can view live video from TeleEye CX Series on mobile phone while they are on the move. CX Series can connect to a USB mobile data modem and support video transmission via GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA network. Remote surveillance can truly be anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

Simple and Easy to Use

TeleEye CX Series system is easy to install and configure, but still, it continues in providing professional IP and mobile surveillance experience to users. With TeleEye proprietary sureLINK technology, users can view their live video through Internet browser in any computer with dynamic IP Internet connection. With such user-friendly and simple-to-use system, everyone can be a professional with CX Series.

CX Series can be deployed in many kinds of industries, and offers professional remote surveillance for shops, factories, gas stations, hotels and small offices. If you are looking for video server which provides high quality DVD recording with fast video transmission, and simple-to-use system, TeleEye CX Series is definitely the right choice for you!