VUANCE system provides access control and security for correctional facility

FRANKLIN, Wis., Jan. 13 -- VUANCE, Ltd., a leading provider of innovative Radio Frequency Verification Solutions, including active RFID, electronic access control, credentialing, accountability and incident response management, today announced that it has been selected to monitor and control all activity in the Decker Lake Youth Complex, in West Valley City, Utah . This is a correctional facility designed for housing youth in a Medium/High security setting.

The contract, one in collaboration with one of VUANCE's integrator partners, Professional Systems Technology, Inc. of Sandy, Utah , includes a range of VUANCE based Security Products. The MASC (Managed Automated Security Controls) is at the heart of the system integrating multiple systems together.

The comprehensive security system monitors and controls all activity and movement through VUANCE's MASC graphical interface. This includes access, camera, and intercom controls, with five independent areas of control, each operating independently. The software has been modified to present the building layout of the complex, displaying the accurate status of all points at all times. Each area has cameras, intercom points, and access control points. Communication requests from the intercoms are announced to the operators via text-to-speech functions. Cameras are automatically switched based on operator activity to provide a seamless interface.

"VUANCE continues to penetrate the market for detention facilities, as our fully integrated systems are exceptionally well-suited for this important application," stated Eyal Tuchman , Chief Executive Officer of VUANCE Ltd. "VUANCE and its system integrator partners continue to capture market share and differentiate ourselves from the competition by utilizing a comprehensive suite of technologies, including passive and active RFID, cameras, access control systems, DVRs, closed-circuit television, PLC based locking controls, and intercoms into a robust software system to seamlessly manage it all. We are pleased to work with the Decker Lake Youth Complex to create a system to meet their unique needs."

"The access control panels were a perfect fit for us as they combined the special locking controls needed with access control technology," said David Lassig of Professional Systems Technology. "The access panel reports all status changes automatically to the staff, providing unrivaled control and security."