CodaOctopus enters counter-terrorism, anti-piracy markets

CodaOctopus Group, a world leader in underwater port security and marine survey technology, said today it has entered the counter-terrorism and anti-piracy training markets, and recruited two highly successful industry leaders, David Robinson and Matthew Moore, to head a newly formed Tactical Training subsidiary.

The Company said it views counter-terrorism and anti-piracy training as integral to its efforts to help major customers deploy real-time 3D sonar systems in hot spots around the world. David Robinson and Matthew Moore, formerly of Tactical Intelligence International, Inc, are specialists in the field of real world security training for domestic and international military units and government agencies, having designed or led more than 50 such training programs throughout the world since 9/11.

Robinson said he saw a direct relationship between such training and the capability to scale-up the deployment of Echoscope and Underwater Inspection Systems. He said, "Government and military authorities with responsibility for Port Security urgently need training to understand how to utilize Coda's new technology as part of an effective counter-terrorism plan to deal with underwater threats in their jurisdictions." He also said that he believes the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Private Industry will be very supportive of these training efforts.

CodaOctopus Group also announced a new brand identity for its seven entities worldwide, to showcase its expansion and highlight synergistic capabilities of the Group.

Jason Reid, President and CEO, said, "We have positioned the various Group Companies and technologies under one common brand, to focus the Group's identity around protection and technology for the world's most harsh environments. Each company within the Group will continue their tradition of excellence in providing products, solutions, training and custom engineering to the global defense and security, oil and gas and commercial marine markets."

"The new branding will simplify and unify the images and messaging associated with the Group companies," said Angus Lugsdin, SVP Market Development. New logos for each company, based on the CodaOctopus Group logo, have been created as well as new collateral for all marketing and manufacturing support materials. Customers will also find all entities together under the same website

CodaOctopus Group is now comprised of:

-- CodaOctopus Colmek, formerly Miller & Hilton, Inc. d/b/a Colmek Systems Engineering -- CodaOctopus Innalogic, formerly Innalogic, Inc. -- CodaOctopus Martech, formerly Martech Systems (Weymouth) Ltd -- CodaOctopus Products -- CodaOctopus R&D -- CodaOctopus Tactical, formerly Tactical Intelligence International, Inc -- Port Security Group, Inc

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