Notifier develops new fire alarm network

NORTHFORD, Conn, June 11, 2009 - NOTIFIER has released its High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET fire alarm network, which operates nearly 40-times faster than its standard network platform while supporting twice as many nodes. High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET enables facilities to unite multiple fire alarm/life safety systems over a single network for complete monitoring and cooperative control. Compatible with a wide range of NOTIFIER products, the new high-speed network supports fire alarm control panels, local and remote monitoring, building automation gateways, mass notification systems and more.

Combinations of wire and fiber support what is known to be the fastest, most expansive fire alarm/life safety systems network available today. Multi- and single-mode fiber optic cables extend distances between component nodes while inhibiting environmental signaling transmission interruptions such as lightening and moisture. High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET can also utilize more economic UTP (unshielded, twisted-pair) cables for shorter wire-runs.

Larger bandwidth doubles the number of nodes per network to more than 200. NOTIFIER fire alarm/life safety systems throughout any size facility or campus can be tied together and monitored on a single network. The network's scalability allows for easy system expansions and reconfigurations. Given its peer-to-peer configuration, if network connections become interrupted or severed, nodes on either side of the break will continue to operate and communicate properly without compromising individual system performance or life safety.

Network-wide cooperative control permits systems to be programmed to perform site-specific functions. For example, industrial facilities monitoring for hazardous gasses may want the network to activate an alarm throughout specific locations when high gas concentrations are detected. Whereas a hospital may require all fire alarm events to be reported locally for a brief period of time, allowing for inspection, before activating an entire facility's evacuation notification devices.

High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET is compatible with the entire ONYX Series of fire alarm and voice evacuation control panels from NOTIFIER. Network Control Annunciators and ONYXWorks workstations provide onsite, network-wide monitoring and control capabilities. Remote monitoring access of the network, along with status updates via email and text messaging, is available both through ONYXWorks and the NOTI-FIRE-NET Web Server.

Integration of fire alarm/life safety system networks with a variety of common building automation systems is provided by the BACnet Gateway, which supports standard BACnet/IP connectivity.

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