Flir introduces new line of thermal IP cameras

Portland, OR – January 22, 2010 – FLIR Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal security cameras, announced the release of a full range of affordable IP thermal security cameras with models available for as little as $3,495.

This new spectrum of thermal cameras provides low-cost additions to FLIR’s groundbreaking F- and PT-Series of IP thermal security cameras. They feature 160 × 120 pixel resolution and have three available lenses, ranging from the wide-angle 24° lens to the narrow 12° lens for maximum imaging and integration flexibility.

Available as either a fixed-site (thermal only) configuration, or as pan/tilt multi-sensor systems with an integrated daylight camera, this array of affordable IP thermal cameras complements FLIR’s existing line of higher resolution F- and PT-Series cameras, extending their industry leading product lineup with a range of lower cost, lower resolution thermal security cameras.

Even though they are affordable, these high performance thermal cameras still provide easy integration over open IP network standards, and dual channels of streaming digital video in H.264, MPEG-4, or MJPEG formats, allowing users to mix and match formats to meet various viewing and recording requirements.
With their innovative imaging cartridge design, all F- and PT-Series thermal security cameras can be quickly and easily upgraded in the field to 320 × 240 or 640 × 480 resolution cameras.

All F- and PT-Series thermal security cameras come with FLIR Sensor Manager, a complete sensor networking software package that provides full network control and video display, and advanced features like geo-referenced threat mapping, pan/tilt slew-to-cue, and powerful video analytics creating a complete perimeter security solution.