LightHaus Logic launches new retail solutions

VANCOUVER, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- LightHaus Logic today introduces Equinox Visual Intelligence solutions for the retail industry. Equinox enables retailers to integrate sophisticated intelligence derived from in-store video into everyday business decisions.

Equinox provides real-time and historical insights that enable retailers to understand who is in their stores, where they are and what they're doing. Executives can analyze store occupancies, identify and react to traffic-flow patterns, understand display effectiveness and access anonymous demographics of visitors. They can also mine store data to understand correlations between point of sale, staffing levels, store layout, advertising campaigns and other relevant data.

"Successful customer centric growth strategies that increase share of wallet are the capabilities that allow retail marketing, operations and merchandising to collaborate to deliver the ultimate customer experience and improvements in operating income. These capabilities are enhanced with the innovative customer insights provided real time by Equinox systems," commented Robert Willett, CEO Best Buy International & Enterprise CIO, and a member of Lighthaus Logic board.

LightHaus is actively working with and deploying pilots at leading US retailers. These chains are becoming more responsive to customers by understanding parallels between display effectiveness, store signage, merchandise positioning, weather patterns and revenue-per-visitor metrics. Retailers will also be looking to reduce shrink by identifying potential employee theft, return fraud, cart push-out and other loss events.

"For many retailers, the best way to grow in today's economy is to increase revenues and efficiencies at existing stores," commented Andy Talbot, CEO of LightHaus Logic. "With a more detailed understanding of their customers, retailers can make better business decisions at all levels, every day."

Equinox is a complete visual intelligence solution that runs transparently in the background using high-performance computing, sophisticated video analysis software and intuitive reporting tools. Available as a managed service that operates independently of existing IT infrastructure, Equinox minimizes capital expenditures and impact on IT teams. Its web-based interface enables the visualization of in-store data, as well as sophisticated statistical analysis to reveal subtle anomalies and trends. Security and loss prevention teams can also leverage Equinox's intelligent DVR capability for forensic video searching.