Master Lock introduces lock lubricant

(MILWAUKEE, WIS.) – December 15, 2010 – Master Lock Company has discovered the ideal method to maintain the performance and increase the life of security products. The company is now introducing Master Lock Lock Lubricant with PTFE to the marketplace in three convenient sizes.

Master Lock Lock Lubricant with PTFE formulation is the perfect choice for padlocks, door locks, automotive, marine and multipurpose applications. It cleans the lock components but also lubricates and forms a protective shield against the elements such as dust, dirt, salt, moisture and other corrosive materials that can damage or impair the performance of a lock. Master Lock Lock Lubricant is available in 5.25 oz. and 11 oz aerosol cans, which are NSF registered for use in food processing areas. The 0.25 oiler comes in a pocket-sized pen for on-the-go use.

Todd Morrison, Master Lock Product Manager for Safety and Security, says this product is an excellent choice for environments where temperatures vary widely and will help de-ice pre-lubricated locks.

"While there are several varieties on the market today, Master Lock Lock Lubricant is the ideal formulation for the intricate mechanisms within a lock. It will not collect dust or dirt, which can affect the lock’s performance," Morrison said. "Our testing revealed that these formulations meet the challenge of extreme cold and heat, as well as salt water and air experienced in marine applications. We believe that our customers will realize Master Lock Lock Lubricant is a unique solution and recognize its terrific value to protect and prolong the life of their security products investment."