Seco-Larm launches new indoor/outdoor keypad

SECO-LARM is introducing the SK-1123-FQ, a Flush-Mount Outdoor Access Keypad to its extensive line of ENFORCER keypads that provide reliable access day and night.

The SK-1123-FQ is suitable for flush-mount applications and has a low-profile appearance. The keypad fits into a standard back box attached to the faceplate for convenience and added security. The SK-1223-FQ comes with security screws and a security wrench for an easy installation.

Though it is flush-mount, the SK-1123-FQ offers the same functions as SECO-LARM’s existing SK-1123-SQ outdoor keypad. Like the SK-1123-SQ, the new SK-1123-FQ outdoor flush-mount keypad is rugged, vandal-resistant, and weatherproof, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Like all outdoor ENFORCER keypads, the SK-1123-FQ outdoor flush-mount keypad has individually backlit heavy-duty metal keys and status LEDs for easy use in dark environments. All features are programmed directly from the keypad, eliminating the need for an external programmer.

The outdoor flush-mount keypad has 2 outputs (1 relay, 1 transistor ground). It allows 100 users with code flexibility where each code can be 4~8 digits long. It has dual voltage (12~24 VDC/VAC) and EEPROM memory to protect information in case of power loss. The keypad also comes equipped with a tamper switch (N.C. dry contact) for extra security and an egress input for exiting the protected premises.

Programming and wiring options for the keypad include a mantrap feature (For a protected area with 2 doors, only door can be opened at a time), duress output (signals a silent alarm if an authorized user is forced to open the door under duress), and door-forced open and door-propped open modes. The keypad can be programmed to emit beeps for key presses or operate in silent mode. Backlit keys can be programmed on or off.

Other keypads offered by SECO-LARM are the SK-2123-SQ Outdoor Mullion-Style Keypad, the SK-3123-SQ Outdoor Rugged Vandal-Resistant Keypad, the SK-1011-SQ Indoor Keypad, and the SK-1311-SQ Indoor Illuminated Keypad.

For more information regarding ENFORCER access keypads or other SECO-LARM products, please contact the SECO-LARM sales department by telephone at (949) 261-2999 or (800) 662-0800, by fax at (949) 261-7326, or visit us on the web at