Firetide unveils new broadband access and wireless LAN solutions

HotPoint 5100, HotPoint 5200 and FWC 2050 provide high-performance, reliability

The WLAN solution can be deployed as a distributed architecture to support scalable client mobility or as a centralized model for billing purposes depending upon customers’ needs. Firetide’s WLAN solution provides advanced connectivity optimization with automatic RF management and channel selections, and convenient centralized configuration of security and wireless settings. Advanced fairness algorithms, derived from Firetide mesh technology, ensure that malicious users will not be able to hog the bandwidth. Network deployment is facilitated through heat maps, floor plans and RF coverage hole detection technology. Optimum throughput is assured through an advanced channel allocation and load balancing technology. WLAN Controller provides iron-clad security through constant RF monitoring to detect rogue devices in the network. The new family of 802.11n access points support up to 128 clients and 16 virtual access points per physical access point.

Redefining price performance of traditional enterprise WLAN market, Firetide’s full-featured controller-based 50-AP solution is aggressively priced at roughly 1/2 to 2/3 the investment of comparative enterprise 50-AP solutions. Firetide FWC 2050 WLAN Controller, capable of managing 50 APs, has a US list price of $4,995; indoor 5100 HotPoint AP retails for $695; outdoor HotPoint 5200 AP retails for $1,295. FWC 2050 controller can also manage Firetide’s non-802.11n APs for an even more cost-effective solution, combining both 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g APs.