Honeywell introduces stand-alone version of Total Connect

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 7, 2010 – Honeywell has introduced a stand-alone version of its Total Connect technology that allows security dealers to offer remote video monitoring capabilities with or without a security system. With Stand-alone Total Connect with Video, customers can remotely access live video of their homes and businesses using the Apple iPhone and iPad devices, as well as desktop PCs and laptops. Additionally, this functionality will soon be available for RIM’s BlackBerry PDA.

Stand-alone Total Connect with Video does not require an alarm panel or intrusion sensors. This makes it ideal for homeowners who currently are not ready to buy security systems but may want to add security technology in the future. Dealers can simply install Honeywell IP cameras that securely transmit data through Honeywell’s AlarmNet communications network via the Internet. Using the cameras’ built-in motion detection capabilities, customers can easily program these cameras to detect movement in selected areas of a home or business. When the cameras detect movement, the system can initiate email alerts to the customers, who can then use their mobile devices to view the event.

"Total Connect has become more than just a security technology, it’s a true lifestyle-enhancing technology," said Gordon Hope, general manager of Honeywell’s AlarmNet. "Offering Total Connect’s video capabilities as a stand-alone system allows people to take advantage of many of its benefits. And it offers security dealers another path to RMR anytime they visit customers, regardless of whether they actually sell them a security system."

When integrated with security, Total Connect can alert customers via email of security incidents happening at a home or business. It also can alert users to non-security events, including environmental events such as extreme temperature changes and flooding conditions. The technology also allows the user to arm and disarm the security system remotely, bypass zones, or even open a garage door or turn on a light.

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