3VR announces integration with SureView Systems' Immix platform

San Francisco, CA – January 19, 2010 – 3VR Security Inc., the leader in intelligent surveillance and search, today announced an integration with SureView Systems’ Immix management platform for video surveillance/CCTV, intrusion and fire alarms, access control and VoIP audio.

The new integration enables security personnel to instantly view video of any event that has triggered an alarm to Immix, and conversely, to set up alerts for specific actions captured by 3VR’s advanced video analytics. By leveraging 3VR’s flexible API set, SureView was able to complete the integration in rapid time, becoming one of a growing number of 3VR partners to fully execute an API-based integration with the 3VR platform.

3VR improves security monitoring by increasing and enhancing the information flowing to central stations with video-based alerts on faces, license plates, motion and other key triggers. For instance, leveraging 3VR’s motion and directional search capabilities, an alert can be set to detect any motion captured by cameras in a specific office or area after business hours, or any person walking down a hall in a certain direction.

“The integration between 3VR and Immix gives monitoring professionals unprecedented visibility into events as they take place so they can make better decisions on how to respond to any given alert,” said Matt Krebs, EVP of Sales, SureView Systems. “And because 3VR’s advanced video search and analytics can also trigger alarms based on motion, the direction someone is moving or even by a license plate or face, our customers can achieve a greater understanding of what is happening on the ground.”

The 3VR Intelligent Surveillance Platform makes it possible to organize vast stores of raw data into rich, usable information that can be quickly and comprehensively mined to fight crime, protect people and improve both customer service and business efficiency. The platform applies 3VR’s innovative technology to make capturing, analyzing, storing, correlating and managing video surveillance easier and faster than any other system on the market today.

The integration also enables security personnel to receive alerts from other systems like access control, alarm and other sensor systems into Immix which matches these signals to video footage from 3VR SmartRecorders. This capability significantly reduces false alarms by allowing central station operators to immediately distinguish real security threats from false ones and expedite reaction time by instantly providing high quality, relevant footage.

“The integration of 3VR technology with SureView’s Immix provides a powerful and valuable solution that enables central stations to maintain a much more complete view of security activities,” said Al Shipp, CEO, 3VR. “We published our open, standards-based APIs to foster this kind of innovation and to offer our top market technologies to other industry leaders in a collective effort to advance the industry and reduce crime.”