NDI Recognition Systems launches new ANPR system

NDI Recognition Systems, the leading designer, manufacturer and solutions provider of ANPR systems, has launched the ST200, a new rapid deployment ANPR system. It has been designed for use in a wide range of covert and overt applications in both mobile and static modes. The ST200 can simultaneously process up to two lanes of high speed, high density traffic and multiple units can be networked to provide a ‘ring of steel’ capability.

According to Adrian Cadd of NDI Recognition Systems: “The new ST200 will meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies for a rapid deployment ANPR system that is easy to transport and use in covert and overt tactical operations. This all-in-one solution can be used with minimal training and delivers class-leading performance in every application.”

The ST200 is a rugged, compact and portable ANPR system with wireless HSUPA (3G) and WiFi connectivity which can be deployed and operational within minutes. It features a powerful 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with a Windows operating system running high speed frame grabbers and the Talon ANPR software, a proprietary neural network recognition engine that delivers significantly higher performance and accuracy than OCR-based ANPR systems. Talon is Web Services accredited and exceeds National ACPO ANPR Standards (NAAS) for data capture and accuracy.

The system can handle four video inputs from two ‘Dual’ ANPR cameras providing full colour contextual overview imagery and high quality number plate capture using IR at speeds of up to four plates per second, significantly faster than other systems.. Over two million time-stamped images and pre and post capture videos can be securely stored on the system along with local hotlists which are managed by direct connection to web-based services such as BOF or VISCE, the back office application from NDI Recognition Systems.

The ST200 system is built into a rugged, military-grade high impact casing and includes a 10.4’’ TFT LCD touch screen monitor than can be detached and operated up to 3 metres away from the main case. The monitor has an integrated speaker for audio alarms generated by the ANPR hotlist matching. As well as having anexternal high capacity battery, the ST200 offers a range of flexible power options including connection to a DC in-vehicle adaptor or AC mains power outlet.