Dynamic Biometric Systems announces integration with Laserfiche

PHOENIX, AZ, January 8 / MARKET WIRE/ -- Dynamic Biometric Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation, announced today that it will introduce the integration of DynaSig's Bio-Pen with the Laserfiche electronic document management system at the 2009 Laserfiche Institute Conference in Los Angeles from Jan 12-14, 2009 (www.laserfiche.com).

DynaSig Corporation, a Laserfiche Professional Development Program partner, will introduce the Bio-Pen, a newly patented biometric pen device to provide secure identity authentication and signature validation in a single step. The patented Bio-Pen captures the genuine act of signing by sensing the unique biomechanics of each user's writing style to produce a self-notarizing, multi-dimensional digital representation of the user's signature. The Bio-Pen is the first of its kind to be integrated with Laserfiche for greater security and workflow productivity gains. Dr. Richard Kim, inventor of the Bio-Pen along with Greg Dutton, Managing Partner of ArcWare Solutions, will present the technology behind this unique device and DynaSig's roadmap for further integration with Laserfiche.

The Bio-Pen is the most practical and cost-effective biometric device for any size organization that wishes to ensure the privacy and the true identity of the person who created, accessed, signed, or sent a document. Laserfiche electronic document management systems (EDMS) are designed to archive scanned images, electronic documents, e-mail messages, and digital audio and video files, and automate workflows all from a single, easy-to-use interface. DynaSig chose Laserfiche to be the first EDMS platform to integrate with because of Laserfiche's longevity (since 1987), adoption (25,000 installs worldwide) and strategic focus on the three most document-intensive vertical markets: Government, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

The Bio-Pen Laserfiche integrated system is now available to the worldwide Laserfiche Value Added Reseller network through DynaSig's commercial distributor, ArcWare Solutions, in Chandler, Arizona (www.ArcWareSolutions.com). As a Laserfiche Value-Added Reseller and integrator of the Bio-Pen, ArcWare Solutions is in an excellent position to support other Laserfiche VARs and end users.