Bilco improves acoustic fire vent

NEW HAVEN, CT/January 9, 2009 – The Bilco Company has modified the design of its acoustic automatic Type ACDSH fire vent resulting in an increase in its sound transmission class (STC) rating from 45 to 46. The original vent included both upward and downward opening covers. The new design eliminates the vent’s lower, downward opening covers, which simplifies operation and reduces overall cost.

The Type ACDSH fire vent is a double-leaf model that is designed to guard against noise intrusion while providing dependable automatic venting in the event of fire. The vent aids firefighters by removing smoke, heat and gases from a burning building. The latest version of the Type ACDSH vent carries an STC-46 sound rating and is well-suited for large buildings such as concert halls, theatres, auditoriums and casinos. It is available in a number of standard UL-Listed and FM-approved sizes.

As with all Bilco automatic fire vents, the Type ACDSH vent uses the company’s patented Thermolatch II latching mechanism to open automatically when a fire occurs. The latching mechanism releases vent covers upon the melting of a UL-listed 165ş F (74ş C) fusible link. In addition, it prevents inadvertent opening of the covers that can be caused by wind or building vibrations, and allows the covers to be easily reset from the roof level.

The vent covers are designed to open against a 10 PSF snow/wind load and feature a mechanism that locks them in the open position and assures smooth, controlled cover operation. Other standard features include fully gasketed weathertight construction and insulated covers and curbs for energy-efficient performance, as well as interior and exterior pull handles for manual operation. The vent utilizes corrosion-resistant materials and zinc-plated and chromate-sealed hardware for years of dependable service.

For more information about the ACDSH acoustical fire vent and other Bilco’s products, visit or call (203) 934-6363.