Intransa adds three new additions to VideoAppliance family

Additions to further simplify surveillance systems, reduce equipment costs

CUPERTINO, California – January 25, 2010 – Intransa, the VideoAppliance company, today announced three next generation appliances to its award-winning VideoAppliance family. The additions further simplify surveillance systems, while dramatically cutting equipment costs and operational expenses. The Intransa VA80tr tower, VA110tr tower and VA210 rack mount Server/Storage Appliances have advanced features and capabilities most desired by security departments, dealers and integrators for new installations.

The Intransa appliances, and the savings they represent to security departments, are made possible by the introduction of an Intransa patent-pending technology, Multi-Mode. With the new technological capabilities Multi-Mode provides, a single appliance now replaces two commodity server and storage systems. Security departments benefit from reduced installation challenges, decreased space requirements and lower installation costs, while also delivering reduced electrical consumption, HVAC and on-going support needs.

• The VA80tr is the latest generation entry-level Intransa Server/Storage Appliance. The VA80tr with Duo-Mode support provides an application mode in which to run one VMS application from any of the industry’s leading nine vendors, while simultaneously offering one powerful server/storage mode. Designed for a typical workload of 1-10 IP cameras and equipped with RAID 10 data protection, the VA80tr provides 2 terabytes (TBs) of available recording capacity with hot-swap disks. Its compact, pedestal format makes it ideal for a variety of environments including retailers, banks, professional offices and corporate branch offices. Additional storage capacity for longer retention periods can be gained with the addition of a VA100st or VA200st Storage Appliance as needed.

• The VA110tr is the latest member of the extremely popular Intransa VA100 Server/Storage Appliance series. The pedestal-based appliance is available as either Duo- or Tri-Mode for up to two application modes for VMS use. This capability allows a retail location, bank or other business with limited office space for equipment to record in one application mode while the other is used for live viewing without need for an additional computer as a viewing station. The VA110tr is designed to support a typical workload of 1-36 IP cameras and includes choice of two, four or 8TBs of RAID 5-protected, hot-swap recording capacity. Six to 24TB of additional capacity with advanced RAID 5 and 6 data protection can be added with a VA Expander that plugs in as needed, without ever halting operation.

• The VA210 Server/Storage Appliance is the most powerful member of the new lineup, bringing with it the ability to support up to 72 IP cameras in a typical workload and provides both Duo- and Tri-Mode capabilities. The 1U rack mountable appliance is ideal for larger surveillance system needs, with support of up to 80TB capacity with modular VA Expanders. Similar to earlier members of the VA200 series, the VA210 is a fault resilient solution that not only offers advanced RAID 5 and 6 protection and hot-swap disk capacity, but also includes dual, redundant power supplies and key components to ensure non-stop operation in even the most demanding 7x24x365 surveillance environments.

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