Videolarm rolls out new multiple camera system

Decatur, GA – June 8, 2009 — The power and performance of a multi-camera system is now within reach with Videolarm’s affordable Q-View Multiple Camera System that pairs up to four cameras in a single, discrete housing. Videolarm, a Moog company, is a leading closed circuit television (CCTV) camera and accessory innovator and manufacturer.

“We understand that saving money is a top priority today and identified an unmet need in the market for an affordable multi-camera system that doesn’t sacrifice performance,” said Jimmy Pfaffenberger, General Manager at Videolarm. “This new Q-View solution is designed to require only a single housing, which means you save money and delivers all the convenience of a multiple cameras system, combined with maximum camera speed and range for tremendous surveillance performance.”

Available in either hi-res color or hi-res day/night cameras, the Q-View product has fully articulated, segmented arm brackets that can be adjusted to fit a wide range of viewing angles; all without the use of pan/tilt devices, controllers, or motors.

Incorporating auto-iris and varifocal lenses, the Q-View is the ideal solution for monitoring multiple areas, indoors or out. Wall, pendant, or recessed ceiling mount versions and can be paired with any of the seven following housings:

Outdoor Surveillance

• QFD FusionDome: Standard 7” dome available in outdoor or indoor models
• QSD SuperDome: 12” outdoor dome available with either a pendant or wall mount

Severe & Volatile Environments

• QRH Vandal-Resistant Dome: Available with pendant or wall mount with heater/blower
• QRM Recessed Ceiling Dome: Outdoor/indoor models; extends only 3.5” below ceiling
• QSM Vandal Resistant Surface Mount Dome: IP66 Rating, capable of mounting either facing down or towards the sky.

Office Environments

• QMR Recessed Ceiling Dome: Extends only 3.5” below ceiling
• QOD Drop Ceiling Dome: Replaces 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile

The Q-View multiple camera system meets the needs of parking and correctional facilities, hospitals, retail centers, schools and universities, as well as nuclear and water management plant applications.

Key features of the Q-View Multiple Camera System include:

• Up to 4 cameras w/3-9mm auto-iris lens
• IR corrective lens on Day/Night cameras
• One 24vac power input; Separate video outputs
• Available with NVT two wire video outputs
• Factory installed system, ready to plug n’ play
• Backed by Videolarm’s industry leading 5-Year Warranty
• Fixed cameras require very little servicing and use the least amount of hard drive space
• One housing to install rather than three or four not only saves money on the initial installation but also no future service calls
• Multiple cameras in a single dome take up less geography than many cameras in multiple locations


The Q-View multiple camera system is available now. Competitively price based on the model and features selected. For more information call 800.554.1124 or visit www.