Salto introduces new wireless access control system

The new SALTO wireless system combines the efficiency of both on-line and off-line applications in a single system and provides real-time communication with state-of-the-art SALTO stand alone battery powered escutcheons that simplfy security management and provide unrivalled levels of access control flexibility.

Any number of doors can be equipped with the SALTO wireless system at much lower cost than a
conventional wired access control solution and the system is so efficient that battery power consumption is close to that of standard battery powered electronic escutcheons.

It uses AES128 bits encrypted radio frequency communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 at 2,4Ghz to transfer information from escutcheons to the PC through strategically located gateways or repeaters. These gateways and repeaters then act as antennas, collecting and sending information from the PC to the stand alone wireless locks. One gateway can manage several repeaters and electronic escutcheons, minimizing infrastructure costs and maximizing flexibility.

This provides users with real time audit trail information – they can view door access in real time without having to visit the door. It provides real time door control – they can view door status in real time. It provides real time battery control – enabling users to monitor battery maintenance by viewing the lock battery status in real time. And key management is made easy – access card issues are resolved in real time as the locks receive updates as soon as they are generated.

The new SALTO wireless system is compatible with most common RFID technologies including
Mifare/DESfire, Inside Picopass, Legic and HID iClass, which means integration is easy, and in most cases users can continue using their existing cards for all their applications – providing unrivalled flexibility.