MuxLab unveils new video balun

Montreal, Canada — MuxLab Inc (, a designer and manufacturer of audio-video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces the first passive component video balun that supports component video and true left/right stereo audio over one (1) Cat5E/6 cable…..The Component Video/Stereo Audio Balun (500058).

Developed for commercial AV integrators and custom home installers, the Component Video/Stereo Audio Balun provides a cost-efficient cabling solution for applications require HD resolution along with true hi-fidelity stereo audio. Applications include, customer residential AV, digital signage and rental & staging.

The Component Video/Stereo Audio Balun features a unique design that allows HD video and true stereo audio to be transmitted over the same Cat5E cable. Furthermore, the product features Ground Loop Coupling (GLC), a US patent pending design that helps eliminate “hum” bars. Due to its unique design, the product is not compatible with other MuxLab component video baluns such as the 500050/51/52/53/54/55/56/57.

The product saves one (1) Cat5E cables and is ideal for applications where pre-existing Cat5E is installed and where true left/right audio channel separation is required such as custom home AV systems and rental and staging venues.

The Component Video/Stereo Audio Balun supports up to 500 ft via Cat5E/6 @ 1080i/p and may be installed in MuxLab rack, wall and surface mounting accessories.

For more information, please visit the MuxLab website ( or contact MuxLab at+1 514-905-0588, or