Coherix develops new thermal screening system

North Coast Industrial Imaging is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with Ann Arbor-based Coherix ( to market the Thermal Sentry II. The Thermal Sentry II is a highly accurate and fully portable device for screening individuals or groups for body temperatures that would indicate the presence of H1N1 or other highly infectious diseases. Coherix has developed an innovative approach to human temperature measurement incorporating multiple technologies (including thermal imaging) to accuracy of the device to +/-0.25ºC. Tyrone Minto, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Coherix stated that “The Thermal Sentry II is a second generation fever screener, with major improvements in size, cost and accuracy over the original Thermal Sentry which was developed during the SAARs epidemic. We are pleased that both the US military and a major Asian integrator have selected the Thermal Sentry II as their fever measurement tool of choice.” In addition to the outstanding accuracy, the Thermal Sentry II offers the following features:

• Queued or mass screening modes
• Face and eye wear detection for more accurate readings
• 1 to 2 seconds measurement time (queued mode)
• 0.02 to 0.10 seconds / measurement (mass screening mode)
• Approximately 3 minute setup / breakdown time
• Alarm events indicated via monitor(s), LEDs, PC speakers, and buzzer
• Simple touch screen operation
• Settable alarm temperature
• Record and review still images or video of alarm events

Established in 2003, Coherix is a leader in 3D machine vision – with roots dating back to the development of the microprocessor self-service fuel pump in the 1960's. They develop and market innovative defect detection and surface measurement products for precision parts where an extremely high degree of accuracy is required. In addition, groundbreaking software applications such as i-Cite, ShaPix, and Z-Line give customer the tools necessary to develop their own products and applications.

NCII ( was formed in 2007 to provide high quality imaging products and services to businesses and industrial concerns in the Great Lakes Region. In addition to representing several manufacturers of imaging devices and software, NCII also provides thermal imaging services such as electrical audits, injection molding cooling audits, and building audits to customers in the region – and produces a line of right-sized thermal imaging cameras based on lower-cost thermopile technology.