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Paxton Access, Pelco integrate solutions

Clovis, CA and East Sussex, UK (January 14, 2010) – Paxton Access’ Net2 market leading access control system now integrates with the innovative DS ConneX camera software from Pelco, as Paxton Access joins the Pelco Partner First Program. The latest version of the intelligent Net2 software allows the integration of the Pelco Digital Sentry video recorder (DVR) version 4.2 or higher. This brings a new, competitively priced access control/CCTV solution to the market.

The shrewd pairing of two leading systems now makes it possible to view stored DVR images from the associated Net2 events. Should an unauthorized event occur, end users can survey CCTV/video security footage of a door at the click of a button. Net2 becomes the single user interface for viewing the footage associated with access events.

According to company officials, integrating the Pelco Digital Sentry recorders with Net2 means that end users only have to monitor one piece of software, instead of two. The combined expertise of Pelco and Paxton Access has created a more accessible system integration that meets the needs of clients seeking to secure sites of any size.

Adam Stroud, Director of Sales and Marketing at Paxton Access, says, “The integration of the Pelco Digital Sentry recorders and Net2 access control has produced a market leading solution. The ease of use and accessibility of information means that the Pelco and Paxton Access systems are an even more attractive proposition for a wide range of applications. Most importantly, the customer gets a combined solution that is much more useful than when systems are installed separately.”

“Pelco offers a wide range of Digital Sentry recorders, and connectivity to popular access control solutions such as Paxton Access Net2 allows our integrators the opportunity to increase their efficiency and to meet a wider range of customer requirements,” says Stéphane Lantoine, Pelco API Business Development Manager EMEA. “This integration will provide system operators with the capability to easily determine the appropriate response to unusual events or security threats.”