Janam integrates ADT Sensormatic EAS tag into its XG100 series computer

Companies extend asset protection to rugged mobile computers

Another theft-prevention technique for rugged mobile computers in retail environments is to store critical applications and data on a remote server while stripping the "smarts" from the handheld device, encouraging users to believe that without the store network, the unit is worthless. The problem with this approach is that with a simple hardware reset or reloading of the operating system using commonly available tools, the device can be restored to factory condition - making it once again valuable to those who would acquire it illegally.

The hardware-based proactive asset protection solution developed by Janam and ADT is a welcome addition to these existing defense methodologies. While no defense system is effective enough to thwart every potential theft, a combination of different protection systems is the best approach.

Beyond the retail selling floor, today's business environments are equipped with more assets than ever before. Companies spend a lot of money providing employees with the proper tools to do their jobs, including PCs, laptops, computer accessories, printers, copiers, fax machines, desk/conference phones, cell phones/accessories, Personal Desk Assistant (PDA) units, digital cameras/camcorders, building/office/garage access cards, etc. The integrated asset protection solution developed by Janam and ADT can be a vital tool for protecting those valuable assets. The XG100 Series will ship to customers this month.