Dedicated Micros introduces new EcoSense DVR

June 3, 2009—Dedicated Micros - part of AD Group - announces its new entry-level EcoSense DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The EcoSense, which was on display for the first time at ISC West 2009, has been designed to deliver low cost multi-channel recording with simultaneous playback and viewing. A key advance for the EcoSense is the integration of on-board help videos to assist the user with operation and product configuration. The help videos are readily accessible from both the local and remote viewer.

For ease of use, the innovative EcoSense can be controlled through a state-of-the-art touch sensitive front panel or, if preferred, via a mouse, remote control or keyboard. This capability gives users full and easy access to all of the DVR’s features including PTZ control, alarm and event management and activity detection.

The EcoSense's color-coded, soft key menu structure and onscreen GUI, is context sensitive allowing users to quickly select options and settings without having to trawl through multiple menu pages and configuration options.

Available in a choice of 16, 8 or 4 channel models, the EcoSense is able to deliver true global record rates of up to 200pps (PAL) and 240 pps (NTSC). The EcoSense also comes with a built-in DVD writer and USB ports to facilitate the downloading of video archive to an external storage device.

"The launch of the new EcoSense DVR underlines our commitment to bring the key performance benefits of the latest technology to all areas of the market including, crucially, at the entry level,” said Mark Provinsal, executive vice president of Dedicated Micros, Inc. “A significant innovation with the EcoSense has been our decision to offer on-board help videos as standard, to help users maximize the benefits of the system with minimal training.”

In addition to being extremely easy to operate, the NetVu Connected EcoSense also integrates industry-leading features such as Dedicated Micros’ powerful TransCoding functionality, which provides real-time conversion of high quality recordings into alternative MPEG4 or JPEG formats for effective remote live viewing and playback.