Optelecom-NKF introduces Siqura A-80 card for NVR-based recording systems

Germantown, Md. – June 29, 2010 — Optelecom-NKF, Inc., manufacturer of market leading Siqura advanced video surveillance solutions, today announced the release of its eight-channel Siqura A-80 audio and I/O (contact closure, CC) card.

The Siqura A-80 offers a compact audio and contact closure (CC) solution for any existing or new CCTV system. In combination with the Siqura multi-channel video codecs, the Siqura A-80 offers an ideal lip-synchronization solution. The audio inputs support either line-level or microphone-level with additional biasing to power electret microphones.

Eight digital inputs can be configured to initiate CC signals, for example, to activate a network video recorder (NVR) to start recording. Four digital outputs are also available, allowing the A-80 to connect with third-party devices, such as a programmable logic controller. Moreover, the A-80 is designed to comply with the worldwide adopted standards for streaming audio, making integration easy and hassle-free.

The Siqura A-80 is part of the Siqura product line, an extensive collection of video surveillance equipment offering complete solutions and reputed for quality and reliability.

The complete list of the Siqura A-80 specifications can be found at www.optelecom-nkf.com.