OnSSI integrates IP-Based software with VideoIQ products

Pearl River, NY (June 29, 2010) − OnSSI, the market leader in open-architecture, intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, announces integration of OnSSI's Ocularis video-centric physical security information system (PSIM) platform with VideoIQ's line of cameras featuring embedded, adaptive video analytics. The integration applies to the well-known iCVR cameras providing on-board storage and the iCST streaming video cameras.

OnSSI's non-proprietary software platform equips users to fully leverage the capabilities of VideoIQ's next-generation video analytics. Integrated systems using the Ocularis platform can access VideoIQ functionality such as streaming video, alarm notification and "painted box" optics (one color box is used for a vehicle and another color for a pedestrian). If a VideoIQ camera's analytics trigger an alarm, a seven-second video clip provides Ocularis users with views of pre- and post-alarm activity, thus preserving a perpetrator's image while it is still in the field-of-view.

"Cameras that include embedded video analytics are a very useful innovation, and the capabilities and flexibility of VideoIQ's two camera lines can enhance the functionality of an OnSSI system," said Mulli Diamant, VP of Sales, OnSSI. "OnSSI’s non-proprietary software platform can easily incorporate a variety of technologies from various vendors, including VideoIQ's intelligent camera models, into the framework of an OnSSI system."

VideoIQ iCVR intelligent cameras provide up to a half terabyte of intelligent, onboard network video recorder (NVR) storage inside each camera, thus eliminating the need for centralized storage and infrastructure and reducing deployment costs and system complexity. Additionally, with onboard adaptive analytics, both the iCVR and iCST line of cameras deliver the most accurate real-time threat detection on the market. And with 100% self-calibration, VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics eliminate the need to tune or adjust the analytics either during installation or over the life of the device – further simplifying installation and operation. Ocularis’ design takes full advantage of the metadata information from Video IQ products since Ocularis is capable of displaying both real time and historical video with the event metadata - allowing operators to identify the exception events quickly and seamlessly.

"VideoIQ’s iCVR products deliver best in class analytic detection, video quality and rule definition, while eliminating traditional installation costs and system complexity," said Scott Schnell, President and CEO of VideoIQ. "VideoIQ’s iCVR and OnSSI’s Ocularis are a natural match, delivering proactive, scalable security and video in combination with a powerful open platform for video display and investigation."

For more information on VideoIQ, call 888.351.1758, email info@videoiq.com or visit www.videoiq.com. For more information on OnSSI, call 845-732-7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit www.onssi.com.