Keyscan introduces the USB-CAM

Whitby, Ontario, June 24, 2010 – Keyscan Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the USB-CAM to its line up of photo ID solutions.

The USB-CAM is a perfect match for any photo capture station. Fully integrating with Keyscan’s Photo Identification (K-BADGE) and Visitor Management (K-VIS) modules, the USB-CAM allows users to capture photos directly from the Keyscan System VII software, saving time searching for files.

The USB-CAM features a CCD sensor to provide optimal image quality, a flexible gooseneck arm for easy camera control, and camera video feed and power are provided through a 2.0 USB. TWAIN compliant software drivers make installation and setup a breeze.

Keyscan is a privately-owned manufacturer of access control security systems. A market leader in electronic access control with unsurpassed customer service and technical support, Keyscan offers flexible, scalable, and adaptable systems that deliver world-class solutions for real-world security challenges. Keyscan systems are used across a broad market spectrum for securing industrial, commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.

For more information about the USB-CAM, contact Keyscan at 1-888-KEYSCAN or visit our website at