Portman Security debuts CTS100 covert tracking and monitoring device

North Andover, MA – June 23, 2010 -- Portman Security Systems Ltd, a leading manufacturer of GPS tracking devices, announces The CTS100, a self-contained covert tracking and monitoring device for monitoring suspects’ movements, as well as providing instant, accurate information for law enforcement resources.

According to Ed Nevins, Portman Security Systems Director, "The CTS100 is an ideal covert security solution for monitoring a suspect’s comings and goings. It’s a small, self-contained unit, housing motion sensors, its own internal GPS and GSM antenna, and a rechargeable, 3600 mAh internal battery that can operate for up to 12 days."

Mr. Nevins added, "The special features of the CTS100 are its automatic activation, adjustable programming parameters, and a tampering sensor which automatically sends an alert if the device is removed. Exact tracking information allows police and security professionals to monitor a vehicle’s location, direction and speed complete with date and time information, providing a record for use as evidence. The CTS100 is encased in a waterproof housing, with ultra-strong magnetic adhesion."

"Portman users report that they’re impressed with the ease of use, quick installation, and reliable, accurate reporting," Mr. Nevins continued. "Portman’s nationwide network of representatives are available to provide expert, individualized service," he concluded.